wak'a (originally dschungelschatz) is a boardgame distributed by mandala jogos, created by Roberto Fraga and illustrated by me. 

because of its inca themed approach and my peruvian ancestry, I has a great time being able to play with modern stylizations of pre-colombian symbols that were a big part of my childhood, such as the nazca lines, machu picchu and the gods viracocha, pacha mama & inti.

"wild animal sounds screech out from the jungle, but in order to find the mythical treasures, the treasure hunters have to cross the jungle. Suddenly an old and long forgotten Inca temple appears in front of them. Two stone guards stand at its entrance staring the treasure hunters down with a fierce glare.

Who will be brave, quick and skillful enough to retrieve the treasures of the jungle?"
original description by the publisher, adapted

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